Saturday, November 10, 2018

Causes & Lifespan of Black Mold

mold inspection redding caBlack mold can appear in a variety of ways. Warm conditions are usually needed to start it growing. Outside, it can grow on soil, plant debris, and other materials that are high in cellulose and low in nitrogen (common building materials). Inside, it starts in hidden damp spots, often caused by water leaks above ceilings, inside walls, and under floors.

Black Mold needs about a week with wet material to start growing. It can grow significantly over a span of 8-12 days. It is critical to take care of the mold as soon as you find it to avoid further growth and possible toxic exposure.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Toxicity & Health Effects of Black Mold

mold inspection redding caBlack mold is often called toxic, which is technically inaccurate. The mold itself is not toxic, but it releases toxins into the air which can be harmful. If these toxins are inhaled, it can result in serious health effects. To make things worse, mold is often hidden. People often have no idea that they’ve been exposed to black mold. If you think you may have inhaled black mold toxins, please see a doctor as soon as possible. Be aware of and look out for these symptoms of exposure:

  • Skin inflammation
  • Nausea
  • Tiredness
  • Respiratory problems
  • Hemorrhage
  • Damaged internal organs
  • Mental impairment
  • Suppressed immune system

Thursday, October 11, 2018

What Happens if You Still Choose to Do Nothing After the Opt-In/Opt-Out Deadline?

If homeowners still choose to do nothing, then the properties will be cleaned up by the City/County and the property will be lined.  We are speaking with homeowners almost daily who are unaware of any special requirements and/or who have already cleaned up their property and are becoming aware of the requirements when they attempt to obtain a new building permit.  Both the City and County are requiring homeowners to go through the process retroactively for testing for asbestos, submitting a work plan, and performing confirmation soil sampling in the end to ensure all properties go through the same process.

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Friday, October 5, 2018

What Shasta County and the City of Redding Say After the Opt-In/Opt-Out Deadline

Both Shasta County and the City of Redding indicated that they would begin reaching out to homeowners who hadn’t opted in or out to see the status of their decision.  Both will likely issue abatement orders or code violations requiring the properties affected by the fire to clean-up their properties in accordance with the cleanup and removal standards implemented for all other properties.

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Friday, August 24, 2018

Determining Insurance Coverage for Debris Removal

carr fire, carr fire california, carr fire redding, wildfire redding ca, wildfire redding california, Determining Insurance Coverage for debris removal is apparently trickier than one would think.  As we advised previously, the first step for homeowners in regards to the debris removal program should be to determine your insurance coverage for debris removal.  What we first believed to be a simple question you should pose to your insurance agency turns out to be significantly more complex.  Here’s what you should ask your insurance agent:
  • What exactly is my insurance coverage for debris removal AND is that portion of my insurance coverage separate from coverages for replacement costs for my structure, contents, and other structures on my property.  It turns out most of our insurances have coverage that extend beyond simple replacement costs (i.e. the coverages for debris removal, or at least a portion thereof, are essentially provided by your insurance and above and beyond your standard coverage at no cost to you).
  • Most insurances provide coverage and replacement costs for 3 distinct items:  1. Your structure, 2. Your contents/possessions and 3. Other structures on your property.  Each of these 3 distinct items has a policy limit specific to your property; many insurances allow you to utilize 5% of the policy limits for each distinct item (i.e. your coverage for debris removal is likely a cumulative total of 5% of your policy limit for structure replacement + 5% of your policy limit for content/possession replacement + 5% of your policy limit for other structures replacement).  Utilizing these 5% portions of your coverages also typically DOES NOT come out of the replacement costs provided by your insurance company.  Make sure to verify this with your insurance companies as this information may not be disclosed without you asking for obvious reasons.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The Disadvantage of Opting-In the Consolidated Debris Removal Program

carr fire, carr fire california, carr fire redding, wildfire redding ca, wildfire redding california, The disadvantage of opting-in to the consolidated debris removal program is that homeowners can’t control the initial testing work, removal of the debris, general control of their property and most importantly time (the government process for doing the required testing, waste removal, and confirmation testing in the end is expected to take several months at minimum).  The amount of fires present throughout the state, including the 1,000+ homes destroyed locally, will cause a strain on the availability of qualified contractors to perform the required work which will certainly lead to significant delays.    Many insurance companies have already had or lined up the initial required asbestos testing for property owners who are electing to work with their insurances privately.  Meanwhile, a prime environmental contractor will still have to be retained by the Program and that contractor will then retain qualified subcontractors to perform the testing and clean-up; that governmental procurement process will likely take a good deal of time, especially given the shortage of qualified contractors.  Homeowner’s who wish to opt-into the Program will be required to remit the portion of their insurance coverage dedicated for debris removal over to the Program to cover the government’s costs.  

Read the full step by step guide to opt-in or opt-out here!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Consolidated Debris Removal Program: Step 2 to Opt-In or Opt-Out

carr fire, carr fire california, carr fire redding, wildfire redding ca, wildfire redding california, Step 2: Once homeowner’s know their respective insurance coverage, they can simply choose to opt-in and simply wait for the work to be completed by the government agencies, or opt-out and choose which contractors work on their homes based upon their availability to complete the work and associated costs and/or they can simply work directly with their insurance companies to have the required work completed.  Our firm is seeing both approaches being employed.

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Causes & Lifespan of Black Mold

Black mold can appear in a variety of ways. Warm conditions are usually needed to start it growing. Outside, it can grow on soil, plant debr...