Thursday, October 11, 2018

What Happens if You Still Choose to Do Nothing After the Opt-In/Opt-Out Deadline?

If homeowners still choose to do nothing, then the properties will be cleaned up by the City/County and the property will be lined.  We are speaking with homeowners almost daily who are unaware of any special requirements and/or who have already cleaned up their property and are becoming aware of the requirements when they attempt to obtain a new building permit.  Both the City and County are requiring homeowners to go through the process retroactively for testing for asbestos, submitting a work plan, and performing confirmation soil sampling in the end to ensure all properties go through the same process.

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Friday, October 5, 2018

What Shasta County and the City of Redding Say After the Opt-In/Opt-Out Deadline

Both Shasta County and the City of Redding indicated that they would begin reaching out to homeowners who hadn’t opted in or out to see the status of their decision.  Both will likely issue abatement orders or code violations requiring the properties affected by the fire to clean-up their properties in accordance with the cleanup and removal standards implemented for all other properties.

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