Friday, December 15, 2017

The Hazards of Methamphetamine Labs

The process of inspection and decontamination of a methamphetamine lab is quite complex and potentially hazardous. Being exposed to the potential contamination in a meth lab could subject you to:
  •         Chemical Poisoning
  •         Death from exposure
  •         Risk of explosions and fire
  •         Respiratory problems
  •         Skin Reactions
  •         Migraines

We recommend that you hire an experienced decontamination contractor to clear the contamination and an independent inspection firm to ensure that the job has been done correctly and completely. Don’t subject yourself to the unnecessary risks involved in renovating or occupying a former meth lab.

Is Your Property Free of Methamphetamine Contamination?

Are you concerned that your property may be contaminated or may have been formerly used as a meth lab?

Do you wonder if there’s a way to find out if your property has been tested before?

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) maintains a list of contaminated homes reported by law enforcement as Clandestine Laboratories. However, this list only contains labs discovered by police departments, and that represents only approximately 5% of the number of meth labs present, according to law enforcement. Homes known to have been used as meth labs must also be disclosed in real estate disclosures.
Still, many homeowners across the nation have found themselves unknowingly buying a home formerly used as a meth lab. The costs of properly remediating a home contaminated with methamphetamine can easily reach into the tens of thousands of dollars, which can lead to dishonest or incomplete real estate disclosures.

These sites can be very useful to find out if your property has been used as a meth lab. But it doesn’t include every case. If you want to dig deeper, the next step is to have a methamphetamine inspection company run testing to determine if your property needs decontamination.

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