Friday, February 16, 2018

Does Mold Only Grow In Moist or Wet Environments?

Mold needs initial moisture to start growing, but it can keep growing even if the area dries up. It can do this because many forms of mold can pull moisture from the air around them. For some forms of mold to start growing, you don’t even have to have water damage in your home; mold is always present, so when there is any amount of moisture for the spores to use, they will take that chance to begin growing. 

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Black Mold Misconceptions

Black mold is a term that is widely used. Many people think that mold isn’t dangerous unless it’s black mold. This isn’t true at all. Relying on the color of the mold to determine how toxic it is to your health is not a wise course of action. Many types of mold can release harmful toxins into the air.

While technically, these molds are not “toxic,” they are “toxigenic,” meaning they release spores into the air, which creates unhealthy air quality conditions. If you find any type of mold in your home or office, you should contact a professional mold inspection company.

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