Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The Disadvantage of Opting-In the Consolidated Debris Removal Program

carr fire, carr fire california, carr fire redding, wildfire redding ca, wildfire redding california, The disadvantage of opting-in to the consolidated debris removal program is that homeowners can’t control the initial testing work, removal of the debris, general control of their property and most importantly time (the government process for doing the required testing, waste removal, and confirmation testing in the end is expected to take several months at minimum).  The amount of fires present throughout the state, including the 1,000+ homes destroyed locally, will cause a strain on the availability of qualified contractors to perform the required work which will certainly lead to significant delays.    Many insurance companies have already had or lined up the initial required asbestos testing for property owners who are electing to work with their insurances privately.  Meanwhile, a prime environmental contractor will still have to be retained by the Program and that contractor will then retain qualified subcontractors to perform the testing and clean-up; that governmental procurement process will likely take a good deal of time, especially given the shortage of qualified contractors.  Homeowner’s who wish to opt-into the Program will be required to remit the portion of their insurance coverage dedicated for debris removal over to the Program to cover the government’s costs.  

Read the full step by step guide to opt-in or opt-out here!

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