Wednesday, December 12, 2018

2 Common Questions from Residents Affected by the Camp Fire

The pressing questions most residents want to know are when can I get back into my property and when can I begin to re-build.  It appears some residents have been given access, although numerous warnings have been issued regarding hazardous materials and dangerous conditions being present.  Meanwhile, some areas remain under mandatory evacuation.  Detailed information for both scenarios can be obtained here:  The second question regarding when can residents begin to re-build is significantly more complicated to explain.  As laid out in our previous write-up, this is a multi-step process that consists of assessing and removing hazardous wastes (predominantly household hazardous wastes and obvious asbestos); removing ash and fire debris; excavating 3-6 inches of ‘contaminated' soil beneath the ash footprint; collecting confirmation soil samples and submitting them for analysis to ensure a ‘clean/safe' lot for re-building; and, ultimately providing a report specifying completion of all of these activities to the County of Butte/Town of Paradise wherein they will ‘certify' satisfactory cleanup of individual lots and clear them for re-building.  Our previous write-up, Rebuilding After the Camp Fire, explains this process in more detail.

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